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Charlotte Mason Study Guide - Secular version
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Many secular home educators are incorporating Charlotte Mason into their home schools. People have asked for a book about Charlotte Mason without as many religious references. Since an e-book is so easy to adapt, I decided to fill the need. (144 pages)

I recommend a support group at Secular CM has many well informed and thoughtful members. The direct link is:

"...I hunted for a book that could act as some kind of introduction to Mason's main ideas. The only ones I found seemed to assume two things: that I already knew a great deal about Charlotte Mason, and that I was a Christian homeschooler. Then I found Penny Gardner's book about how CM could be enjoyed by any homeschooler, regardless of religious beliefs or lack thereof... Although Gardner's book is stuffed with quotes, it is much more than just a sampler of Mason's work. This is the first homeschooling book I've read that didn't make me feel like a loser for not being that perfect homeschooler I know I ought to be... If you're interested in learning more about Charlotte Mason, or would like to get some practical, encouraging ideas about utilizing aspects of CM in your homeschooling, I highly recommend this book." --Deborah Markus, from a review in 
Secular Homeschooling

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Preface: Traveling the Scenic Byway

Study Topic #1:
Charlotte Mason, a Woman of Wisdom
A Short Synopsis by Charlotte Mason 
Straight from the Horse's Mouth 
Twenty Questions
Family-Friendly Approach to Education

Study Topic #2: The Child 
Rights of Children

Study Topic #3: Child-Rearing and Discipline

Study Topic #4: Habits and Character

Study Topic #5: Motto of Education 
Charlotte Mason's Reforms

Study Topic #6: Ideas, the Sustenance of Life 
Awakening the Soul through the Charlotte Mason Approach 
What Books Would Charlotte Mason Choose?

Study Topic #7:
Education is the Science of Relations
Education: The Science of Relations

Study Topic #8: The Habit of Attention

Study Topic #9: Narration, the Act of Knowing
The Power of Narration 
The Beauty of Narration 
Narration in Summer Education 
Narration with Older Students

Study Topic #10:
The Way of the Will and The Way of the Reason

Study Topic #11: Goals of Education
Third Time's a Charm (book review of For the Children's Sake)

Study Topic #12:
Charlotte Mason on the Three R's 
The Magical Age and Other Myths 
Candy Jar Copy Work 
Italics, Beautiful Handwriting 
Quotes for Copywork from Ourselves 
The Royal Road to Spelling 
The Telling Road to Writing 
What about Grammar? 
Math, One Family's Journey Down the Charlotte Mason Road

Study Topic #13: Geography, History, and Science 
Living Books for Living Children
Sofa Science 
Expand Sofa Science with Context Studies 
Science Inside, Outside, Upside Down

Study Topic #14: The Arts 
Art Appreciation Notebook
Reciting: An Old-Fashioned Art 
A Bit of Culture

Study Topic #15: Masterly Inactivity

Study Topic #16: Outdoor Education 
Charlotte Mason's Therapy for Moms

Study Topic #17: Nature Study 
Introduction to Wild Days: Creating Discovery Journals 
Observing the Wonderful World Around Us 
Nature Notebooks

Study Topic #18:
Method and Philosophy of Education
Charlotte Mason's Philosophy of Education 
Enriching Classroom Education 
Sold on Charlotte Mason or Ten Years Later: Words of Advice

Appendix A: Sample Narrations

Appendix B: Bibliography

Appendix C: Some Living Books

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