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Nine-Note Recorder Method: Easy Music for Beginners
Nine-Note Recorder Method

Learn to play soprano recorder with the Nine-Note Recorder Method using only the 9 easiest notes to play and simple rhythms. The full, self-standing volume to the left, features 147 songs, with 60 duets or rounds. This is 3-4 times the material in most methods. See the Table of Contents. Retail: $12.95; website price is $11 plus shipping.

The abbreviated and inexpensive version to the right has 76 songs, including 19 duets or rounds. See the Table of Contents. Retail: $6.95; website price is $5 plus shipping.



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“This is certainly the most student-friendly recorder tutor I have come across. It is an excellent resource for classroom teachers... Your efforts have paid off in a high quality resource. I will definitely recommend it to the recorder teachers I know.”
   --Geoffrey Allen, music reviewer for American Recorder magazine

“I am recommending your materials to absolutely anyone who will listen. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it is to have something to use with my kids that makes sense and doesn't throw so much stuff at them all at once. After three failed attempts to teach recorder to my sons, I have finally found something that works.” --Debra Brinkman

See hymn duet books. These duets may be played on any  C instruments, like violin, guitar, mandolin, flute, and/or harp.

Go to my Nine-Note Recorder Books website if you want to learn alto recorder.

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