CM logoSet up a Charlotte Mason Homeschool Seminar in YOUR area. 

Penny Gardner presents an inclusive, multimedia presentation to homeschool communities interested in learning about Charlotte Mason around the country. Email Penny for more info.

Topics include:

  • Charlotte Mason Philosophy
  • Living Books and Narration
  • Copywork, Dictation, and Spelling
  • History, Math, Science with Living Books
  • Nature Journaling
  • Art Appreciation

All presentations are inclusive and the cost for a 5-6 hour seminar is usually $30-35 per attendee. If you find 20 people in your area who are interested, we can start planning.

Past Events

November 9-10, 2018 in Peoria IL:
Featured speaker at A Charlotte Mason Gathering hosted by A Continuing Conversation

A sampling of what people have to say about Penny’s Charlotte Mason Homeschool Seminar:
“I just wanted to thank you for the excellent conference. We’ve been ‘doing’ CM for almost 10 years and I can honestly say I came away from your seminar with something new to do/study/think about in EVERY single subject. I’ve been to several home ed conferences over the years, and this was by far the most useful, most entertaining, and most interesting! The information you presented was so very useful, and the finest introduction to the CM method I’ve ever seen. Your visual graphics were very professional and added considerably to the presentation.” Pittsburgh, PA
“Penny has a way of sharing Charlotte Mason’s ideas so that you feel you can really go home and implement these methods. It was so inspiring!” San Diego, CA

Penny Gardner

“Penny’s seminar is the bridge between Charlotte Mason theory and its application. She gives understandable, practical advice, I left with the confidence to start applying this method immediately.” Henderson, NV

“After homeschooling the Charlotte Mason way for over ten years, there were areas in which I struggled in translating the ideals into real life. I have read most of Charlotte’s six-volume series, all the Parents Review magazines, and several books on the CM approach. They all had value, but reading The Charlotte Mason Study Guide and attending Penny’s seminar enabled me to put the missing puzzle pieces into the whole picture. The seminar was certainly the highlight of our year. . .actually the defining moment of our entire homeschooling lifestyle! Thank you, Penny, for blessing families with your wisdom and insights into this most excellent educational way.” –Fort Worth, TX

“Seeing the application of it all in one day was so helpful! …Everything you teach and everything Charlotte advocated can’t help but make any family’s learning experience richer and more joyful.” –Portland, OR

“I feel inspired after hearing you speak. I have your book, as well as other CM books, but have struggled to put things into practice for some reason. After listening to you explain things, however, I now feel like this really is something which I can do, and even do well, and it sounds like so much fun. I’m really excited, and think these seminars you do are important.” –Hamburg, MI

“I thought the seminar was terrific in every way. Your seminar was as practical as it was inspirational.” –San Jose, CA

“I loved the seminar! I have been homeschooling the Charlotte Mason way for 6 years. I am so excited to start school again and use all of the helpful tips and ideas. I loved your honesty and fun.” –Rancho Cucamonga, C