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Some Artists to Study

6 year-old's photo One family in our local Charlotte Mason support group shared her family’s experience with studying the photography of Ansel Adams. The mother had planned this unit around a family vacation that was coming up. They concluded the unit by visiting Yellowstone National Park. Each of her children took a few photos at Yellowstone, trying to capture the feel of Adams’ work. They used black & white film and tried to find subjects with strong contrast. This photo was taken by a six-year-old child! Each child chose his favorite shot to have enlarged.

This was a nice change and a beautiful addition to their art appreciation notebook. Art appreciation should be fun. Try an artist, perhaps from the list below, that you think your children will enjoy. You may want to study a particular artist before a show comes to your local museum.

Below is a list of some artists you might want to consider studying. These names are linked to their corresponding pages at one of my favorite art web sites.

Fra Angelico

W. A.  Bouguereau

Mary Cassatt

Paul Cezanne

Edgar Degas

M. C. Escher

Paul Gauguin


Vincent van Gogh


Winslow Homer

Childe Hassam

Edward Hopper

Byun Shi Ji

Wassily Kandinsky

Franz Marc

Henri Matisse


Jean Francois Millet

Joan Miro

Claude Monet

Berthe Morisot

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Georgia O’Keeffe

Maxfield Parrish

Pablo Picasso

Camille Pissarro

Maurice Prendergast



Frederic Remington

Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Diego Rivera

Norman Rockwell

Guy Rose

Peter Paul Rubens

Alfred Sisley



J. M. W. Turner

Jan Vermeer

Leonardo da Vinci

Benjamin West

James A. M. Whistler