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Art Appreciation

That’s an intimidating title for us culturally deprived parents who have never been exposed to any form of Art Appreciation! But don’t be scared off. This rewarding hobby or enrichment project can take as little as five minutes a week. It may be accomplished with little cost. Here are some ideas to get your notebook started.

Picture Study
Charlotte Mason called this subject “Picture Study.” She recommended studying one artist at a time so children can become aware of that artist’s style and can recognize his works even when a particular painting was not studied. Six works of the artist should be studied. ...

To read the rest of this article, you may purchase the newly revised, 10th anniversary edition of the Charlotte Mason Study Guide . This digital e-book is available for $5 from this site.

You may search for art work and print it out by visiting Artcyclopedia Artchive, and, my personal favorite, CGFA Virtual Art Museum. Google now has art work available for viewing on googleartproject.com. View list of artists to consider including in your studies.

NEW: Quotes from artists . Use quotes for copywork as you study particular artists.

The artwork below was done by my children from memory during our art appreciation studies.

memory painting
art appreciation

Based on artwork by Georgia O’Keeffe.       

child's memory drawing

Art links:
Watercolor Painting

Smithsonian article (Oct. 2009) “Teaching Cops to See”. At NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, Amy Herman schools police in the fine art of deductive observation.

Based on work by Matisse .

Tom Chapin’s song about cutting the arts and other subjects from the curriculum: Not on the Test