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Math and Science

This portion of the web site contains articles on teaching math and science. It is easy to visualize using living books for history, but many of us don’t realize how many living books are available in the areas of math and science.living math book

Read about Math, One Family’s Journey Along the Charlotte Mason Road. Then see a list of famous mathematicians and of living math books. New titles!

There are three Science articles to read and a book list on Readable Science titles. New titles have been added to the book list.

Below is a portion of a narration from a section of one of my favorite living book on math -- String, Straightedge, and Shadow -- which is finally back in print. If you have other favorite living books for the Math Classics Book list or for the Readable Science Book list , please e-mail me with your suggestions.

Thales the Great
by Logan Gardner, age 12

Thales was a very wise wise-man. These are stories of some of the great things Thales did.

 One day, Thales was at a tour of Egypt. They came upon a great pyramid. “This great pyramid is one of the biggest pyramids of Egypt,” the guide told the tourists.

 “How tall is it?” asked a tourist, Thales.

 “Uuuh...I don't know. If we climbed to the top and let a rope down that would only do the slant,” replied the guide.

 “Oh, never mind. I got it already. It's 329 cubits high,” Thales answered.

 Everybody looked around at the tourist and fell to the ground. They thought Thales was a magician.

 Thales knew the height of his own shadow, his own height, and the height of the shadow of the pyramid. So he could figure out how tall the pyramid was. ...

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