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Living History Books
history living book History year by ear history of salt

childs history of the world hillyerGeneral History (World & Americas):

A Little History of the World

Hillyer's A Child's History of the World

History of the World

National Geographic Almanac of World History

History Year by Year                      The Story of Mankind

The Discoverers: Man's Search to know his world...

Rise of the West: ...Human CommunityJourney to cahokia great mound city

The Human Web: ...View of World History 

The Mapmakers              The Ancient Mariners

Oars, Sails and Steam: A Picture Book of Ships

Wheels: A Pictorial History

Journey to Cahokia: A Boy's Visit to the Great Mound City

Discovery of the Americas: Prehistory - Columbus

Exploration & Conquest: Americas After Columbus

Atlas of North American Indians

Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans

The American Story: 100 True Tales

Children's Encyclopedia of American History

Kids Make History                Journeys for Freedom 

A History of the United States and Its People

The Story of Liberty                           Places in Time

Unsolved Mysteries of American History

One Night Stands with American History

Greatest Stories Never Told

A History of the American People (conser)

A People's History of US (liberal)

The Making of America         Women Making America

Her Story: Timeline of Women Who Changed America

Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things

A Browser's Book of Beginnings

A New Economic View of American History

Ripples from Zambezi Rebirth...Economies

ReOrient: Global Economy in Asian Age

Ancient Eastern History:

Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent

Great Civilizations of the East

Saladin: Noble Prince of Islam

Arab Seafaring        The Holy Land        Hittite Warrior

Ancient Egyptians...Neighbors: Activities

A Glorious Age in Africa         Shaka: King of the Zulus

Eyewitness: Ancient China     Science in Ancient China

Ancient China: 2,000 Years of Mystery to Unlock

Life Along the Silk Road                 Marco Polo for Kids

The Silk Road: 2,000 Years in the Heart of Asia

The Silk Route: 7,000 Miles of History

Great Wall of China         Confucius: The Golden Rule

The Ch’I-Lin Purse: Ancient Chinese Stories

Children of the Dragon, Vietnam Tales

Find Out About Ancient Japan

The Samurai's Tale; The Boy and the Samurai

A Single Shard (ancient Korea)

Step Into Ancient India     Savitri: A Tale of Ancient India

The White Stag


Tut's Mummy                                  Tutankhamen's Gift

Gift of the Nile: An Ancient Egyptian Legend

I Wonder Why the Pyramids Were Built & Other Questions

A Puzzling Day in the Land of the Pharaohs

Shipwrecked Sailor: An Egyptian Tale of Hieroglyphs

Step into Ancient Egypt: A Guide to the Time of Pharaohs

The 5,000 Year-Old Puzzle: Solving a Mystery of Egypt

The Golden Goblet                       Miriam

Mara, Daughter of the Nile               Pyramid

Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt

Pyramid: 50 Activities ... Ancient Egypt

Spend the Day in Ancient Egypt: Projects, Activities

Cat Mummies                    Ancient Egypt

Hatshepsut, His Majesty, Herself

Tales of Ancient Egypt              Ancient Egypt

Cat of Bubastes        Cleopatra: The Queen of Kings

Cleopatra            Riddle of the Rosetta Stone

Usborne’s Ancient World

Mummies Made in Egypt       Wadjet Eye (graphic)


The Aesop for Children                   Famous Men of Greece

D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths

Heroes, Gods, and Monsters of the Greek Myths 

                         pair with Percy Jackson series

Trojan Horse: How the Greeks Won

The Trojan War           Black Ships Before Troy

In Search of a Homeland: Story...Aeneid

The Wanderings of Odysseus

Ancient Greece (a mystery adventure)

Archimedes and the Door of Science

Librarian Who Measured the Earth

Alexander the Great          Plutarch's Greek Lives


Famous Men of Rome                City

Pompeii...Buried Alive!        Last Days of Pompeii

The Ancient City: Life in Athens & Rome

The Romans (a mystery adventure)         Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar and Ancient Rome in World History

Augustus Caesar's World                 Detectives in Togas

Mystery of the Roman Ransom                   The Cavalryman

Roman Fort                     Eagle of the Ninth 

The Silver Branch                     Lantern Bearers

Frontier Wolf           The Shining Company

Mark of the Horse Lord

Plutarch's Fall of the Roman Republic

Middle Ages:

The Story of King Arthur and His Knights

Idylls of a King                  The Brendan Voyage

The Vikings: 350 Years of Adventure       Shield Ring

The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow

Sword Song                  The Sword in the Tree

Famous Men of the Middle Ages

The Door in the Wall            The White Stag

The Trumpeter of Krakow        The Magna Charta 

Son of Charlemagne              The Conquerors

The Vikings      Leif the Lucky     Marco Polo for Kidsblockhead fibonacci

Marco Polo       Leonard of Pisa: Fibonacci

Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci

The Shield Ring           Otto of the Silver Hand historical fiction

The Hidden Treasure of Glaston

Margarite Makes a Book

Beorn the Proud (relig)           St. Valentine

St. Francis of Assisi          St. Catherine of Siena   

Joan of Arc      Twain's Joan of Arc       Men of Iron

If All the Swords in England: Thom. Becket

The Red Keep: Burgundy in 1165

The Black Arrow: A Tale of Two Roses

If All the Swords in England 

Scottish Chiefs         Hunchback of Notre Dame

Across a Dark and Wild Sea

Red Hugh: Prince of Donegal

Fine Print: The Story of Johann Gutenberg


Starry Messenger         Along Came Galileo

Galileo and the Magic Numbers     Magellan

The World of Columbus and Sons

Shakespeare and the Globe

Bard of Avon, Shakespeare

Good Queen Bess

Elizabeth: The Struggle for the Throne

Sir Walter Raleigh and the Quest for El Doradosir walter raleigh quest for el dorado

The Hawk That Dare Not Hunt by Day

Gutenberg: Master of Modern Printing

Michelangelo                 Daughter of Venice

Leonard da Vinci for Kids        Leonardo da Vinci


Johannes Kepler: Giant of Faith and Science

Journal of the Plague Year              Lorna Doone

The Voyages of Henry Hudson        Cromwell's Boy

A Messenger for Parliament        Three Musketeers

Twenty Years After (sequel to above)

I, Juan de Pareja          The Lion of the North

The New Americans 1620-1689

The World of Captain John Smith

Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims

The Thanksgiving Story    Three Young Pilgrims

Constance: A Story of Early Plymouth

Colonial Living                The Tavern at the Ferry

Colonial Craftsmen: Beginnings of American Industry

Colonial Days (American Kids History)

Pocahontas and the Strangers

The Farm: Life in Colonial Pennsylvania

Witch of Blackbird Pond            The Dark Frigate

Native Crafts: Inspired by North America's First Peoples

With Pipe, Paddle & Song: French-Canadian Voyageurs

Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison

Robert Boyle: Founder of Modern Chemistry


Peter the Great              Russia: Eyewitness Book

The Longitude Prize         Ghost in the Tokaido Inn 

Phoebe the Spy        The Witch of Blackbird Pond

Carolina's Courage                Sarah Whitcher’s Story

The Kidnapped Prince: Olaudah Equiano

Struggle for a Continent: French & Indian Wars

Carry On, Mr. Bowditch       The Cabin Faced West

Who Was Daniel Boone               Johnny Tremain

Daniel Boone: Life and Legend of American Pioneer

Ben and Me                        Poor Richard

Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

George Washington’s World

The Signers: Declaration of Independence

The American Revolution for Kids

Liberty or Death: The American Revolution

Calico Bush                Carry On, Mr. Bowditch

Slave Who Bought His Freedom        Toliver’s Secret

The Real Benedict Arnold         Captain James Cook 

Explorations of Captain Cook in the Pacific

Can't You Make...Behave, King George? 

Mr. Revere and I           America's Paul Revere

George Washington

George Washington's Breakfast

Guns for General Washington

Thomas Jefferson: Man on a Mountain

My Brother Sam Is Dead       The Reb and Redcoats

Time Enough for Drums         Treasure Island

Kidnapped      Les Miserables       Tale of Two Cities

The Scarlet Pimpernel             Flaming Arrows

Junipero Serra, Brave Adventurer 

By Wagon and Flatboat           Samuel Johnson

Make Way for Sam Houston        Hornblower series

Pioneer Children of Appalachia

Hokusai: The Man Who Painted a Mountain


Frontier Living (Tunis)              Mill

What's the Deal? (Louisiana Purchase) 

Journals of Lewis and Clark         Sacajawea

Lewis and Clark for Kids       Of Courage Undaunted

The Incredible Journey of Lewis & Clark

How We Crossed the West: Lewis & Clark

Undaunted Courage: Lewis and Clark

Off the Map: Journals of Lewis & Clark

An Indian Winter      Hans Brinker of the Silver Skates

Heidi         Kim (Kipling)        Man Without a Country

Shipwrecked: True Adventures of a Japanese Boy

Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze         Jane Eyre

Hitty, Her First Hundred Years       Tevye the Dairyman

Little Lord Fauntleroy           Pride and Prejudice      

Sense and Sensibility         British Chimney Sweeps

Seeing Fingers: Braille        Out of Darkness: Braille

Louis Braille: Boy Who Invented Books for the Blind

Daily Life in a Covered Wagon

A Pioneer Sampler: Daily Life of a Family in 1840birchbark house native american

Which Way to the Wild West?

The Birchbark House      The Game of Silence

Pioneer Days (American Kids in History)

If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon

Journal of Jedediah Barstow: Oregon Trail

Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie: Oregon Trail

On to Oregon         Men to Match My Mountains

Heart and Soul: Florence Nightingale

Jimmy Spoon and the Pony Expressmtn windsong trail of tears

Buffalo Bill & the Pony Express         Skylark

Sarah, Plain and Tall       Caddie Woodlawn

Laddie                  O Pioneers!

Life on the Mississippi         Roughing It

Tom Sawyer               Huckleberry Finn

Journal of Jesse Smoke: Trail of Tears

Mountain Windsong: Trail of Tears

Patty Reed's Doll (Donner party)

California Gold Rush: Search for Treasure

Gold Fever: Tales from the California Gold Rush

Frontier Lady's Recollections of the Gold Rush

They Saw the Elephant: Women in the CA Gold Rush

Bandit’s Moon             By the Great Horn Spoon

In Plain Sight      Call of the Wild       To Be a Slave

Boss of the Plains: Hat That Won the West     

Coolies (transcontinental railroad)     Locomotive

Ten Mile Day: Transcontinental Railroad 

Full Steam Ahead: Transcontinental Railroad

Davy Crockett       Davy Crockett: His Own Story

Narrative of the Life of David Crockett

An American Bard: Longfellow

Elizabeth Blackwell: First Woman Doctor

A Pocketful of Goobers: George Washington Carver

The Story of George Washington Carver

The Frozen Water Trade (ice for refrigeration)Cezanne Pinto

Madame Curie      The Story of Harriet Tubman

Walking the Road to Freedom

Cezanne Pinto: A Memoir

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Thread Across the Ocean, Trans Atlantic Cable

Civil War Days (Amer Kids in History)

Civil War for Kids     Iron Scouts of the Confederacy

Tales of the South at War          Rifles for Watie

The Perilous Road            Across Five Aprils

Clara Barton: Founder of the Red Cross

Heart and Soul: Florence Nightingale     Glory Road

Civil War: A Narrative       Battle Cry of Freedom: Civil War

Abraham Lincoln's World       Mr. Lincoln's Army

Abe Lincoln: Log Cabin to White House

This Hallowed Ground                     Stonewall

Grant Takes Command         Grant Moves South

Stillness at Appomattox                  Indian Chiefs

Rolling Thunder in the Mountains

Once They Moved Like the Wind: Cochise,
Geronimo, and the Apache Wars

Son of the Morning Star (Custer)

Boots and Saddles: Life in Dakota with Custer (wife)

Crazy Horse        Lance and the Shield: Sitting Bull

Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes

Storm Warriors        Black Cowboy, Wild Horses

Henry David's House            Victorian Days

Helen Keller             Story of My Life

Always Inventing: Alexander G Bell

Alexander Graham Bell        Incident at Hawk's Hill

Michael Strogoff: A Courier of the Czar

Tree in the Trail     Pagoo     Travels in West Africa 

Uncommon Traveler: Mary Kingsley

Steamboat! Captain Blanche Leathers

Jack London: A Biography         Cheyenne Again


The Memory Coat (Ellis Island)     Monte Walsh

Last Days of St. Pierre: Volcanic Disaster

Tales from Indian Country: Uintah Basin

The Last Princess: Ka€’iulani of Hawaii

Princess Ka€’iulani          The Island-below-the-Star house of 60 fathers

The Riches of Oseola McCarty

Alice Ramsey's Grand Adventure

Immigrant Kids             Journey to Ellis Island

Dreaming of America: An Ellis Island Story

Quiet Odyssey: Pioneer Korean Woman in America

Immigrant Voices      House of Sixty Fathers

If You Lived...San Francisco Earthquake

Ruth Law Thrills a Nation

Far Beyond the Garden Gate: Journey to Lhasa

Rare Treasure: Mary Anning & her Discoveries

Paddle-to-the-Sea              Minn of the Mississippi

Mornings on Horseback: Theodore Roosevelt

First Flight: Tom Tate and the Wright Brothers

Wright Brothers: How They Invented the Airplane

Glorious Flight: Across the Channel with L. Bleriot

Picture Book of Amelia Earhart   

Sky Pioneer: A. Earhart

Amelia Earhart: Young Air Pioneer

West with the Night            Fate Is the Hunter

Andrew Carnegie: Steel King and Friend to Libraries

Freckles               Girl of the Limberlost

Prairie Boy's Winter    Prairie Boy's Summer

Letters from a Woman Homesteader

Zimmermann Telegraph (WWI)

Eddie Rickenbacker: Boy Pilot and Racer

Stilwell & the American Experience in China 1911-45

Zoli’s Legacy: Inheritance

John Muir: Nature Writings

The Wild Muir: 22 of John Muir's Greatest Adventures

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

The Great Depression

Potato: A Tale from the Great Depression

Rose's Journal: Great Depression

Kids During the Great Depression

Mama's Bank Account              A Day of Pleasure

The Wild Children        Story of Thomas Alva Edison

Who Was Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein, Young Thinker

Desert Exile                           World War II Days

World War II for Kids with 21 Activities

The Winged Watchman           Their Finest Hour

Baseball Saved Us              The Bracelet

Journey Home          Stones in Water

Jacob's Rescue        Number the Stars

Snow Treasure            Girl with the White Flag

North to Freedom (I am David) 

The Endless Steppe          A Place Not Home

The Good Master          The Singing Tree

A Conspiracy of Decency: Rescue of Danish Jews

Guadalcanal Diary          The Guns of Navarone

The Hiding Place (relig)       The Golden Thread (relig)

Journey through the Night (relig)    Journey to America

Silver Days      Jacob's Rescue: A Holocaust Story

The Rescue: How Gentiles Saved Jews

Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl      Donald's Story

We Die Alone: WWII Epic Escapes

Journey to America from Poland during WWII

Escape from Warsaw           Footprints in Courage

World War II: On the Homefront

Enigma: Battle for the Code       Enemy Brothers

Black Rain (fiction)

Upon the Head of the Goat: Hungary 1939-44

Wallenberg: Man Who Stopped Death

The Girl in the Red Coat: A Memoir

Passage to Freedom: The Sugihara Story

Weather Boy: A Story of D-Day

Don't You Know There's a War On?

High Flight: Canadian John Magee WWII

The Family Under the Bridge 

So Far from the Bamboo Grove

My Brother, My Sister, and I        China's Son

The Lucky Gourd Ship (Korea)     Plain Girl

The Korean War: The Forgotten War

A Single Square Picture: Korean Adoptee’s Search

Six Days of War: June 1967 & Modern Middle East

One Giant Leap: The Story of Neil Armstrong

Moonshot: The Flight of Apollo 11

A Place Called Heartbreak: A Story of Vietnam

Patrol: An American Soldier in Vietnam

Revolution in Eastern Europe: Collapse of Communism

Harvesting Hope: Cesar Chavez 

Tomas and the Library Lady

Pumpkin Runner               Summer 1990

Within Reach: My Everest Story

Born to Fly: Downed US Navy Pilot Shane Osbornmoonshot

Basher Five-Two: Capt. Scott O’Grady

My Palace of Leaves in Sarajevo

Girl of Kosovo                   Adem’s Cross

Do Your Ears Pop in Space? and 500 other Questions

A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier


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