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Charlotte Mason Study Guide

cmsg smCharlotte Mason Study Guide introduces you to the educational approach developed by Charlotte Mason.

Charlotte Mason (1842-1923) was an influential educator in England. Her philosophy of education was used in nearly 300 public schools and in many correspondence and home schools. Charlotte founded a college to train teachers to apply these principles. Today there is a revival going on; those who try Charlotte Mason's approach love it!

Let's raise noble children who radiate an enthusiasm for learning by opening our hearts to Miss Mason's wonderful ideas. Charlotte Mason Study Guide is a valuable introduction to this philosophy of education. CM seriesIt contains hundreds of excerpts from her six-volume set so you can read exactly what Miss Mason had to say. And current writings by Penny Gardner will show you how to apply Charlotte Mason’s ideas in today's home schools. This book stands on its own for busy moms who currently do not have the time to read the originals or may be used as a guide to reading Charlotte Mason's series.

This book is now available in two editions, the complete book including Mason’s religious quotes and a more secular version. See the Table of Contents of the full version (158 pages) and have the opportunity to purchase it.

See the Table of Contents of the more secular version with a link to purchase. These books are PDFs that you can print or read on your computer or other device--no shipping charges.

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