• Italic handwriting instruction within a “Charlotte Mason” framework
  • Suggestions for writing-readiness activities
  • Overview of steps in teaching handwriting to children
  • Use at all grade levels
    • Good choice for elementary ages because printing and cursive are nearly identical
    • Printing or basic italics is more formal and must be taught first; cursive is for everyday use
    • Older students with poor handwriting may benefit from learning ‘calligraphy’
  • Lessons and practice in Basic Italics (printing) and then in Cursive Italics
  • Articles on copy work
  • Models (quotes) in handwritten basic italics and cursive italics to copy
  • Typeset quotes to transcribe into basic or cursive italics
  • Variations on copy work–ideas to make it more challenging and instructive
  • Instruction videos demonstrate each lesson (see below)
  • 100-page PDF workbook to print as needed for your immediate family for only $10 (no shipping) Total cost is $10 per family. What a bargain!
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Italics workbook

Instructional Videos for Basic Italics (printing):

Instructional Videos for Cursive Italics:

cursive italics

Example of cursive italics.

Free page on italic numerals page.