A text structure is a format (or pattern or template) for writing. Here is my favorite text structure and some examples of its use in nature journaling or writing about a painting during art appreciation.

1. Direct address, and a question

2. Description of one physical characteristic of the object

3. Description of another characteristic with a simile

4. An imperative (command) or a wish or hope to the object

butterfly textButterflies, what do you think about? You come ion dazzling colors. You are as graceful as the stars dancing in the moonlight. Oh, butterflies, I wish you could tell me all your troubles and wonders.


butterfly art textPeacock, why are you so much smaller than your tail? You have many colors on you. You are as brilliant in colors as a beautiful fantasy sky. Would you be my pet? Peacock, I hope that you can make friends in your world.

These writings are by children. To teach about similes, read Quick as a Cricket.